My review of the PS3 demo:

PS3 CoverFirst off, congratulations to the team at EA Sports…you have created a mammoth of a game & I am VERY impressed. The player models are very realistic and fluid. However, the improved player models make the cut scenes of the mascots look incredibly fake. You might want to polish those up for next year. Also, I absolutely love the “Home Field Advantage” system that you have implemented. No longer can I just pick a play, show the play on the field, and pick out the best receiver according to the defense. Rather, I have to actually show up & play hard in order to be successful. I don’t care what anyone else says about how “Home Field Advantage” should / shouldn’t work…this is the way it should work in a video game. Last but not least, I LOVE the highlight reel at the end of the game. Maybe next year you can implement audio feeds from the announcers to color-up the highlight reel at the end.

Despite all of the accomplishments of the game, I must say that I found a few glitches in the game. See below:

When the defense scored a touchdown from the “1 inch” line of the goalline, the play summary stated that the HB ran 0 yards. I don’t know exactly how this should be scored in the playbook, but it seems that if you score from the goalline you should get credit for at least 1 yard.

Secondly, what’s up with the linebackers & the dumps up the middle? That’s all I’m going to mention about that one…

Third, where’s all of the media??? I made a beautiful INT return for a TD that went for over 80 yards & there were only two media personnel to etch this memory into history. If I’m playing a BIG game against one of the top rated teams in the country, shouldn’t there be media like crazy? Isn’t this game “powered” by ESPN? Where’s the funny looking satellite guys with the ESPN shirts?

Fourth, can you really give a game the ESPN stamp of approval if there are no stats throughout the game? The one thing that I like about watching college games on ESPN is the multitude of stats that they come up with. I would like to see the following implemented:

  • Show me the WIN-LOSS record when these two teams have faced each other…(make this dynamic so that if you play a 60 year dynasty, this number can change and fluctuate with the dynasty).
  • I also would like to see a QB / RB / WR comparison either in-game or before the game. What if the two teams playing each other both have players competing for the Heisman? What if one team has a stud RB that isn’t producing & the other RB that is a nobody has really stepped up the game? I want to see those stats!
  • What about trivia? Can’t we have an Aflac trivia question every once in a while?

Fifth, why is the field completely empty when the game starts? Shouldn’t the marching band be on the field? What about cheerleaders? Where’s the media? Where’s the zebras? Where’s the mascots?

Overall, this is a GREAT game & I can’t wait to get my hands on the final version. Again, kudos to EA. The game plays a million times better than the 08 version on PS3!

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