EA Releases 2nd Patch Details

www.ncaastrategies.com recently released details about the 2nd patch that EA is currently working on.  The 2nd patch will address the following issues:

- CPU AI slider functionality issue will be addressed

- Issue regarding Punt/Kick Return blocking will be addressed

- A number of other gameplay tuning type issues will be included (hook zones, flat zones, cover ball, man coverage vs. RBs, strafe catch, etc.)

“This is not by any means a full list, but it should give you a better idea of where we’re at right now. A number of other tuning items / issues are also still being looked at, so chances are you will see more things added to this when we’re able to give you a full list of everything that’s addressed. We just wanted to pass on something since there is an awful lot of interest in this second patch.

An ETA is kind of tough to pin down at the moment, but it’s sounded like it will be somewhere between 8/22 to 9/15 under the current schedule. I’ll let you know when we have a smaller window that can be shared.”

In case you’re wondering, the first “patch” will address the roster issue that everyone is experiencing.

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