EA reports online dynasty issues

From the EA.com forums:

“We have been monitoring reports of various issues some users have been encountering with their Online Dynasties. With the help of information provided by community members the NCAA team has been able to identify these issues as being related to the incorrect Online Dynasty data being transferred to a small number of users.

Even though this issue is not affecting everyone, we understand that it is important to resolve this for those of you who are affected, and the NCAA team is addressing this problem as high priority. A server side update is being worked on to be applied in the near future, which will resolve the current problems for those of you affected by this issue. Once this is applied you should be able to resume your Dynasty with the correct members, records etc. The team is also working on a more robust solution that will prevent this issue from re occurring in the future.

More news on the progress made will follow as it is available.”

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