Kicking in an Online Game

Have you ever been absolutely tormented by the online kicking game?  Whenever I first started playing, there would be kicks that would seemingly be perfectly aligned and center that would end up way to the left or right.  After playing a few games online, I quickly realized that I had been letting go of the joystick after doing the kick motion (pushing the stick up).  In a game in which you are not online, this is perfectly okay because your game has already registered your “upswing.”  However, in an online game, the lag causes the upswing to readjust itself and you end up with a poor kick.  Thus, when you’re kicking the ball, make sure to HOLD the joystick up (after your kick motion) until you see the kicker actually kick the ball.  Otherwise, you’ll end up left or right of the sticks.

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  1. At first i didnt get this but i remember that this is very important, i mastered this and it comes naturally from the past years online ever since they changed the kicking meter in the 07 games.

    Sirro712 | Sep 25, 2008 | Reply

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