NCAA Football 2010 Wishlist – Assistant Coaches in Dynasty


I’ve always had a thing for assistant coaches and why not? They’re the spine of any good football team. In fact, the good ones usually don’t stay on any particular team for very long. Before you know it, they’re the “next big name” in college football & they’re being swept off to another school for millions of dollars without any head coaching experience.

Nebraska Playbook

We all know that NCAA 09 will allow you to take other jobs. However, assistant coaches have absolutely no effect on the game. For NCAA 2010, I propose that assistant coaches become an integral part of the dynasty. Without assistant coaches, there’s no playbooks. Thus, I think that your assistant coaches should dynamically affect your playbook. At the end of the season, your assistant coaches can opt to transfer to another school in order to take over that school’s head coaching job. When the assistant leaves, so does certain plays from your playbook. During the off-season, you’ll have the opportunity to browse a list of assistant coaches and what plays / formations they bring to the table. Also, the assistant coaches should have the ability to affect the motivation and integrity of a player. If the assistant coach is really fired up and can get his players motivated, then his players will play more aggressive and are more penalty-prone. However, if the assistant coach is laid back, the players are more conservative, play smarter ball, and are less likely to force an infraction.

What do you think about bringing dynamic playbooks based upon your assistant coaches into the game? Comment & let me know!

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  1. You know, i had never though of assistant coaches being in the game, but i must admit, thats a really interesting idea. You start with the offensive coordinator that the team presently has in real. If you dont like their scheme, fire them and hire a new coordinator. My question is this. Since in Dynasties we are assuming the role of the head coach, do we really have the hiring and firing power when it comes to Assistant Coaches? I mean, we can give our advice and say who we want, but we dont control the budget. I think it would be interesting, but maybe a bit complicated, that they add assistant coaches, we as head coaches give advice as to who to pick. The more pull you have as a head coach, the more likely the AD will listen and pick that person. But, if the person we want isnt selected, that can influence our decision to stay with the school or accept contract extensions.

    My idea, that has been mentioned on other boards, is that it would be nice to be able to watch other users play a game. I think that if two teams in a dynasty were playing the BCS championship against each other, it would be fun to watch them play. If you have headsets you could even watch in and talk about the game with other dynasty members. It could possibly make the BCS championship game a bit more of an event like feel.

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