Having problems downloading PS3 patch version 1.10?

If you’re still having problems downloading the 1.10 patch for the PS3 version of NCAA Football 09, consider this: the patch for NCAA 09 and Madden released at about the same time. Thus, it is very likely that the servers have been absolutely crazy. Not only are the servers bearing the load of online play like usual, they’re also dealing with the online dynasties and Madden online leagues. So, it’s very likely that the patch is being slow due to that issue.

When I first downloaded the patch a few nights ago, it took at least 15 minutes to download & that was BEFORE everyone knew about it. If you’re still having problems, I recommend trying to download the patch between midnight and 6 AM.

I recently contacted EA to get an official response & here’s what they sent me:


Thank you for contacting EA Technical Support.

I apologize for any inconvenience. If you are having trouble connecting
online or staying connected while playing the game on your Sony PLAYSTATION
3, please perform the troubleshooting tips listed below:

1.Turn off your modem and leave it un powered for two minutes before
restarting it. (This process will restart your Internet connection.)
2.Open the appropriate ports for the PLAYSTATION Network :-


3. To test your connection, try creating a new PLAYSTATION Network Account.

* Press the PS button the controller to enter the PLAYSTATION 3 XBM
* Select the Users tab.
* Select Create a New User Account and press the X button.
* Enter a name for the account and login to the new user account.
* Select the Friends tab.
* Select Sign up for PLAYSTATION Network and press the X button.
(Note: When creating the new PLAYSTATION Network account, please use a
different, valid, accessible e-mail address.)

I hope that this will resolve the situation. If you have any other
questions, then by all means feel free to let us know. You can also refer to
our extensive Self Help Knowledgebase at http://support.ea.com for common
technical questions.

Thank you,

EA Online Support

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