Is this the last year for the NCAA Football franchise on PS2?

According to, as of August 7th, 2008, the PS2 version of NCAA Football 09 has only sold about 100,000 copies. In comparison, the PS3 version has sold about 170,000 copies, while the Xbox 360 version has sold over 380,000 copies. The Wii version of the game has sold considerably less (probably due to the fact that it’s a VERY POOR game) at near 50,000 copies.

To me, the biggest surprise in sales is the PS2 version. Could this be due to the sheer amount of features available in the game? Or was it simply fueled by the fact that the Wii version is such poor quality?

In my opinion, I believe that the PS2 version of the game probably has one more year simply due to the low cost of development for that game.

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