Madden NFL 2009 sucks!

Okay…okay….Madden NFL 2009 probably doesn’t suck. However, this site is completely dedicated to NCAA Football. Therefore, this is the only & LAST TIME you’ll hear me talk about Madden NFL 2009.

If I was going to buy any Madden for any of the consoles, I’d have to roll with the Wii version for 1 reason & 1 reason only…”Call Your Shots” mode. “Call Your Shots” allows you to draw the receivers routes on the screen. This is probably as close to custom playbooks as EA will ever come. Check it out below:

Also, another reason why I like the Wii version is due to the graphics. In comparison to the huge turd known as NCAA Football All-Play, Madden NFL 2009 has actually improved its graphics over the previous years. Check out a nice montage by below:

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