Quick Recruiting Tip – Keep ‘em Happy!

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If you haven’t noticed, trying to recruit 35 prospects at a time with only 10 recruiting hours can be very difficult to manage.  Often times, I’ll get through 20 recruits and have a few hours to spare.  Thus, recruits with less priority end up getting the short end of the stick for no reason.  Fortunately, there’s a rule of thumb for recruiting in NCAA Football 09 that will ensure you have plenty of time to recruit the whole board:

Keep the prospects happy!

If you have a recruit that already has your school listed in the Top 3, then there’s no point in spending a lot of time with that recruit.   Once you have 3 sections of pitches that are in the “Most”, “High”, or “Very High” category, there’s no reason to waste time pitching to them because you’ll only pick 3 sections for their visit to be focused on.  Therefore, your goal is to simply keep them happy.  To keep your prospect happy, simply “Hard Sell” one of your pitches that’s already listed as “Most”, “High”, or “Very High.”  You’ll quickly notice that your prospect will go from a frown to a huge smile in a matter of minutes.

Now that the recruit is happy, sign him!

I’ve been reading a lot of message boards on how to sign recruits and I’ve been seeing some mixed responses.  However, there’s one strategy that has always worked for me:  Don’t offer the scholarship until the recruit has your school listed in the Top 2 or Top 3.  When I hit my recruiting board, I scroll through all of the recruits & I look for my school to be in their Top 3.  If their interest is growing, I’ll wait another week before offering the scholarship.  However, if the player has my school listed as their top choice, I’ll offer the scholarship, then call the prospect & hard sell them a “most” or “very high” pitch until he’s happy.  Usually, you’ll get a commitment right then & there from the recruit.  Otherwise, give the recruit a few weeks & he’ll start crawling your way.

Good luck recruiting & let me know how this works out for you!

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  1. I have a quick question about recruting. Do you have to wait untill the game says that the “pitch is complete”? or can you just stop the pitch when the player indicator (football) smiles when hard selling your recruits?

    hokunahooikaika | Sep 14, 2008 | Reply

  2. You usually want to wait until “the pitch is complete”. However, I’ve yet to see any confirmation that affects it otherwise.

    NCAA Football Freak | Sep 14, 2008 | Reply

  3. wow, it seems your tips really worked! i had just finished my season yesterday so thats why i was looking for some recruiting tips. i used your method on the post season recruiting and i was able to scoop a good amount of prospects. Thanks football freak! lol

    hokunahooikaika | Sep 15, 2008 | Reply

  4. Ya i agree this is a good tip i havent herd this one yet and for the most part i dont really care about recruiting but thanks for the good points.

    Sirro712 | Sep 25, 2008 | Reply

  5. hey good tips but i have a question i am doing a reduilding dynasty with miami of ohio there a 2 star school so how can i get 4 and 5 star recuirts interested in my school

    ccrawley30 | Jan 22, 2009 | Reply

  6. One good way to get 4 star recruits and an occasional 5 star(only gotten 3 or 4 5 stars doing this in like 20 total years of dynasties but get 3 or 4 4 stars per year beyond what I normally would) is to leave about 10 spots open and then in like week 4 or so go through the prospect database and look for players who haven’t had any offers yet. This works great for 1 and 2 star schools especially

    Kyle | Feb 16, 2009 | Reply

  7. To the guy playing with miami of ohio or any 1 or 2 star program………..you won’t get any 5 star guys unless they are in state and u are very lucky.

    I have been playing dynasties for a long time and its fun to build a team up. Typically if you are a 2 star school, a 3 star recruit is a very nice pick up. When you are a 3 star school you will look at picking up 4 star recruits………

    The other guy who posted is right that if you are like empty at a position……….you can generate interest from someone seeking playing time……….but i don’t recommend that method as there are some advantages to having depth instead of walkons

    hope this helped

    nick in orlando | Jul 17, 2009 | Reply

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