3rd Patch is Needed!

After finishing my first season of an online dynasty, I attempted to keep one of my players from leaving for the NFL.  Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful & he decided that college was no longer for him.  Unlike a lot of other people, I didn’t spend a lot of time on this aspect of the game.  However, there have been several reports in which the players ended up leaving for the NFL or transferring despite being talked into staying.  In fact, here’s a report from one of the members of the ncaafootballfreak.com community:

“I did an online offseason Sunday after the patch was out and all of us that talked players into staying were pretty unhappy to find that they all were gone at the end of offseason. A very large bug for those with good teams, I lost 7 players to this bug! They need another patch!”

EA:  If you are seeing this post (ha! who am I kidding!), please fix this patch!  This ruins the online dynasty aspect of the game for several people!

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  1. I sent a message to EA support almost a month ago and they said their engineers know about the problem and are working on it. So maybe there will be another patch.

    slick1ru2 | Sep 26, 2008 | Reply

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