Recruiting is a Battle of Points

According to OMT over at, you have to recruit a player to a certain total number of points before he will hard commit to your school.  At the end of the season, if you have more points on that player than any other team (but have not reached the magic number), you still won’t get him to commit to your school.  Rather, the recruit will automatically sign with a CPU-controlled team with less than 18 total commits.  This is due to the fact that the CPU logic usually only signs 12 recruits during a season.  So, in order to fix the logic “behind the scenes”, the undecided recruits end up going to one of the CPU-controlled schools.

To read more about the post from OMT, go to

Remember, you can’t sign a recruit unless you offer a scholarship to him.  So, recruit hard and get rid of all of the “unknowns” to rack up those points.

Also, this leads me to believe that “quick call” recruiting is more advantageous than calling the recruit yourself.  When I’m deep into a season of recruiting (ie:  week 10), I noticed that my recruits get aggitated easily & they hang up on me.  However, if I “quick call” a recruit, they never “hang up” on me.  I wonder if the logic was built that way….

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