Quick Tip – Use Lead Blocking

In all of the online games that I’ve ever played, I’ve never seen a player use lead blocking.  Some people think that it is only a gimmick and gives your opponent the opportunity to adjust his defense for your play.  However, using a lead block multiple times in a single game can add another variable that your opponent has to worry about.  Ever tried faking a lead block?  It’s simple…run a HB Sweep to the weak side & lead block with your strong side defensive end and see what happens.

Here’s how to activate the lead blocking system:

  1. Take control of a lineman, blocking back, tight end, or wide receiver
  2. On Xbox 360, press the LB button or the L1 button on PS3 to activate lead blocking
  3. After the snap, control the blocker until you lock into a defender.  Press the right thumbstick UP to attempt to pancake the defender.  Press the right thumbstick DOWN to cut out the legs of the defender.  Keep in mind that you can’t pancake a lineman with a wide receiver.

Lead blocking is an invaluable tool and can be utilized against both human and CPU opponents.  The system allows you to open up the hole where you think the hole should be instead of relying on the AI of the game.

Good luck and happy blocking!

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