December 23rd Bowl Game Prediction – 2008

Monday night’s matchup in the Poinsettia Bowl is one of the most hyped up games of the bowl season…and why not?  Here’s two teams that could have been chosen as an at-large bid for any bowl game.  Instead, we’re stuck with what we’ve got in the Orange Bowl due to conference ties to that bowl game.

Poinsettia Bowl

Boise State vs. Texas Christian University

Prediction:  Boise State


Boise State is the type of team that knows how to play a big game.  However, this isn’t the same team that pulled the big upset against OU a few years ago.  Rather, this year’s Broncos have only faced one ranked team all year.  On the other side of the field, TCU has played 3 ranked teams and lost to two of them (Oklahoma and Utah).  Although this game could be decided by a coin toss, I am going to pick Boise State to win this game because their ability to show up for big games.  In fact, Boise State has averaged over 40 points a game in the past 5 games.  Let’s see if TCU’s defense (which only let one team score more than 17 points on them) can handle the Blue Miracles.

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