Forget about Texas. Does Utah deserve a share of the national title?

After the Texas Longhorn’s lackluster performance against the Ohio State Buckeyes in a home game (the Fiesta bowl was played in the south west), you have to scratch off Texas from the national title picture.  Okay, so they beat Oklahoma.  Who cares?  They also got beat by Texas Tech…the same team that got hammered by Ole Miss.  If you ask me, Ole Miss can compete with anyone in the nation when they’re ready to play (ask Tebow).

Despite whether Oklahoma or Florida wins the BCS National Championship game on Thursday, there will still be doubt in the minds of voters as to who is the best team in the nation.  After Mack Brown stated that he will vote his Longhorns number 1 in the Coaches Poll, I imagine that a lot of voters will follow suite (including those that voted McCoy for Heisman).

However, what about the Utah Utes at 13-0?  Since when is an undefeated team considered worse than a one loss team?  According to CBS, their strength of schedule is better than USC’s.  Also, Utah’s notable wins include:

At Michigan
Home against TCU
Home against BYU
Sugar Bowl win against Alabama

To all the people out there that automatically downgrade the Utes due to their conference and strength of schedule:  at least Utah didn’t get beat.


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  1. when did phoenix arizona become part of texas

    csterns | Jan 20, 2009 | Reply

  2. Great point! Typo on my part! Thanks!

    NCAA Football Freak | Jan 21, 2009 | Reply

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