Will we see NCAA Football 2010 for Wii? UPDATE: Not available for Wii

UPDATE JULY 2009:  EA has decided to not release a version of NCAA Football 2010 for the Wii.  If you want to see a Wii version of NCAA Football next year, contact EA.


According to Gamestop.com, Madden NFL 2010 is slated to release on the Wii on August 11, 2009. The 2009 version of the hit Wii game sold just over 600,000 copies. With sales barely topping 100,000 for NCAA Football 09 All-Play (just 15% of its Madden counterpart), one has to wonder if EA will even waste the time and the money to put out a Wii version of the game.

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  1. the online dynasty mode would be nice

    Reggie | Mar 4, 2009 | Reply

  2. The wii version of ncaa football 09 was pathetic. I was really disappointed with it. I was expecting a really in depth game that was going to be unique with the wii style controls. But what I wound up with was a severely dumbed down version of a great franchise game. It was like the game was for 5 year olds! I played it through a season, but wound up going back to NCAA 05 for the gamecube! That game was so far ahead of the wii version of 09 that it made me question who the hell is in charge of releasing these stupid kiddy games for the wii. Come on Nintendo! get with the program!!! Seriously with games like “Cooking Mama Cook Off” ????? who the hell wants to play a game where you cook??? Its embarrassing to even be associated with Nintendo anymore. I know I definitely won’t be purchasing a NCAA 2010 if wii puts it out!!!

    Jared | May 2, 2009 | Reply

  3. I am big fan of NCAA and played most of the games for the playstation 2 and 3. Wii made a decent attempt at their last one. Granted the graphics and the look of the game made it seem a little childish. Here is my list of things that need fixing. 1. passing mechanic – frequently while passing with the arrow keys the qb throws to the wrong receiver and you have to stay perfectly still while throwing. No throwing on the run. 2. You cannot lateral the ball past the line of scrimmage. Come on, that is what made NCAA 2004 so great. 3. You cannot change your recruiting pitch during pre-recruitment.

    Things that would make NCAA 2010 cooler.

    1. Whenever a player gets hit hard, have their helmet fly off or an injury. Or show a slow mo close up replay of the hit.

    2. Passing – instead using all the arrow keys use the a, b, up, down, and c.

    3. Just and idea – whenever a runner is in the open field. (not on a pass play) Have the player alternate wii movements to simulate running like in Mario vs Sonic at the olympics.

    4. Figure out some wiimote motion that will simulate lateraling the ball on an option play.

    5. The crowd cheering mechanic needs different movements and more pictures. Like, have the player and another player bump chests or do some dance moves. Perhaps, the slam dunk in the field goal.

    6. Rivalry games need more crowd intensity. Like if your team wins,(home game) show the people come out of the stands and tear down the field goal at the end of the game.

    7. Just and idea – If one of your players plays an awesome game. like scores 3 rushing tds and runs for over 125 yds for instance. Have a news reporter come and talk with that player.

    8. Do not try to institute the my shrine idea onto the wii version of the game. It is cool, but it is way too time consuming trying to find your best plays for every single game.

    9. Take out the disciplinary action part of the game. I understand that this does happen, but not 5 of my best players during the course of a season.

    10. Just and idea- have a school pep rally anytime your school plays a top 25 team or rival school at home.(one or the other, but not both) Use the same type of mechanic like you would use after scoring. This simulates a home-field advantage. (player vs Cpu only) Players will get one bar stat increase instead of two for doing it perfect. This will happen so infrequently that it will be a cool feature instead of a repetitive feature that gets boring over time.

    NCAA Fan | Jun 4, 2009 | Reply

  4. my biggest problem with wii ncaa 09 was the graphics. they were terrible and yes it was like a kids game. I want real life looks with a more adult theme.

    Bobby Goines | Jul 9, 2009 | Reply

  5. I liked the 09. I really like most of the suggestions by Bobby. I would never get another nintendo game if they didnt make ncaa football 2010.

    Bob | Jul 14, 2009 | Reply

  6. I rushed out and bought 2009 NCAA Football for the Wii after seeing how much detail and effort they put into the PS3 version. I popped it in and did a double take. I quickly got out my 2005 NCAA Football for the Gamecube and it has far superior graphics, sound, stadium likenesses, and game play (in other words, what in the crap was EA Sports doing for 4 years? Working on regressing game play and removing fun from the game?).

    EA Sports thought they could put zero effort into the game coupled with throwing in some really terrible “All-play” garbage and make a successful go at it. Give me a break. I don’t care about graphics, but I do care about gameplay and features. Put in a quarter of the details that go into a PS3 game and you will see the sales number increase. For now EA Sports is laying over and playing dead.

    Disappointed Wii NCAA Fan | Aug 12, 2009 | Reply

  7. Obviously, someone at EA was reading through this blog. I recently bought Madden for Wii and to my surprise most of the ideas that I mentioned appear in this game. The wiimotion while running in the open field aka “spotlight movement”, the field goal slam dunk, and the changing of the passing mechanic. The upgrade in graphics was already a given before I mentioned it.

    This game stills needs a little bit more tweaking, but all in all much better than NCAA 09. If they would have made the game like that for NCAA instead of the NFL, I would have liked it more, but that is just a preference.

    I am not exactly sure if the Wii could handle that much data with all of the NCAA teams, playbooks, and other added features.

    The Wii will likely need a visual and memory upgrade to be able to handle my vision of a really awesome Wii football game. However, I have to say congrats to EA for creating a much improved game.

    By the way, since you guys like my ideas so much, I have another idea.

    Most fans do not like the BCS system for picking the top 2 NCAA Teams. I think there should be a playoff game to determine a teams rank. Have the #1 team take on the #3 team and the #2 team engage the #4 team. Possible “grudge match” between teams this way as well.

    This way whenever you go undefeated with a no name team against a difficult schedule, blowing out teams 52-10 all season, you don’t end up behind a “premier school” who lost 1 game and sits in the #2 spot.

    ncaa fan | Aug 20, 2009 | Reply

  8. im fucking pissed that their not making one! im also pissed that the 09 WAS ALL-PLAY!!>?!?!?!? and that it had no campus legend I MEAN WTF IS ALL PLAY>!>!>!> all play is making the wii SUCK

    JH | Sep 20, 2009 | Reply

  9. know wat relly sad is i have madden nfl 2007 and it looked way better than any sports game on the wii
    its sad they screwed up graphics
    all the older sports games on wii were way better than any other game on the wii now

    Sad NCAA fan | Oct 17, 2009 | Reply

  10. seriously make a new 1 this one sucks ncaa08 for ps2 is way better than 09 all play theres half the features on 09 all play than there is on my 08 game and pitching the ball never works i cant run the option and i like ohio state so i cant run the option w/ tp. please make a new one thats not all play has more features like on all the other games and really y u givin nfl all the good features and crap give ncaa the same thing ur doin w/ pro

    mc | Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

  11. were all waitin for a new one and i cant wait til next year for 11 so hurry up.

    mc | Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

  12. this still hasnt awnsered my question is there gonna be a 2010 or wat.

    mc | Nov 20, 2009 | Reply

  13. why… i want to see ncaa football 2010 for wii. i got only to be able to play those games. madden 10 SUCKS!!!!!!!

    kalob | Jan 3, 2010 | Reply

  14. The 09 version of NCaafootball was good but what i’ve read online from other people the next one should be a bit better.

    sterling jones | Sep 12, 2010 | Reply

  15. I still want an 2010 NCAA FOOTBALL WII GAME!!!I dont care what other people say ther should be a 2010 NCAA football game.

    sterling jones | Sep 12, 2010 | Reply

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