Flashing Lights, Goal Post Updates, and the Texture Compositor


While nothing gets me more excited than field goal nets and windsocks, it is nice to see EA taking the initiative to include the “little things” in NCAA Football 10.  In the newest blog article, EA states that they are dynamically tweaking the flashing camera lights depending on how important the game is.  In other words, if you are using LSU and you are playing Baylor, then chances are you won’t see many flashing lights.  However, EA needs to tweak this for opening season games and base it upon the Prestige level of the school.  If I am using Oklahoma and I am playing Middle Tennessee State to start the season, then there’s going to be a lot of camera flashes just because it’s the first game of the season.

In regards to the field goal nets and windsocks, these are nice additions that add to the realism of the game.  Unfortunately, EA will probably get a lot of slack from the community if their field goal post has a net in the game, but not in real life.  This is just the nature of the community and I hope that EA will give us the ability to make our own updates to stadiums via the new “Texture Compositor” that was mentioned.

Essentially, the Texture Compositor is being used to create the Swappable Bowl Endzones.  Here’s what EA has to say about the Texture Compositor:

This was originally developed for handling created stadiums and uniforms for Madden. It allows the game to take multiple pieces of art and combine them into one as the game loads. Before we had to use  a single piece of art for every field. With 120 teams and 38 bowl and championship games there was no way to create a field for every game with every possible team matchup and fit it on the disk (I was going to do the math but gave up quickly!).  Instead we have 38 bowl and championship fields with blank endzones, and 120 custom endzones (one for each team). When you load into a bowl or championship game, the Texture Compositor takes the three pieces of art and combines them into one field.

Notice how EA says that the Texture Compositor was “originally developed for handling created stadiums and uniforms for Madden”…While I don’t expect to see the ability to create or modify stadiums in NCAA Football 10, I definitely think that this might be possible in future iterations.  However, wouldn’t you like to see the ability to share created stadiums in the EA Locker?

So far, EA has done an incredible job of giving us hardcore players an inside look at the game development.  They have been listening to our requests and it looks like they are knocking out some of the “smaller requests” early in development.  We’ll have to see if EA keeps up the momentum until the release date…

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  1. if they can’t give us the ability to upgrade or custom build a stadium I hope they can at least allow you to make small adjustments like if you have a natural grass change to the synthetic or vice versa and also the ability to add a banner or sign some where in the stadium when you win the confrence or a national title this would add another level of realness to the game especialy if you play online dynasty mode you want to intimidate your opponent with the sign or banner with the multiple titles you have won right!

    Corey | Mar 10, 2009 | Reply

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