Games counting twice in Online Dynasty – RESOLVED!

Have you ever been beat in the second week of your Online Dynasty only to see the lost counted against you twice?  Well, this has been an on-going issue that EA has finally figured out!  OMT over at came up with this little nugget:

“Simply put… the commish should never save the dynasty to his console’s memory device between finishing HIS game and advancing to the next week of dynasty. If he avoids saving after his game, but before advancing the week, this bug should not occur.”

“This is the Commish who causes the bug first of all. You have the option to save the Dynasty locally to your console. After the Commish has played his game for the week, he must NOT save the dynasty locally until he has advanced the Dynasty into the next week. THEN and up to when he plays his game that week, he is ok to save locally.”

Thanks to the guys and gals at EA for working on this one!  Considering a lot of people believe that EA “doesn’t care”, it’s pretty impressive that EA is still looking at bugs while working on NCAA Football 10.

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  1. for ncaa football 2010 they should add a workout section during the off season durimg the Dynasty mode like working on get your players stringer amd faster for the upcomeing season. for a exmaple you can pick what type of work out that you want for one of your players. like a bench press workout or hang clean workout or deadlifteing and squrting too for your power backs. speeding workouts too.

    Darie | Feb 23, 2009 | Reply

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