Spring game in NCAA Football 10?

According to EA, the infamous Mascot mode was added to the game in less than a day.  Thus, I don’t see why EA couldn’t add a “Spring Game” to the Dynasty mode.  Could you imagine getting the opportunity to see some of your new players in action BEFORE you get into the season?  I think this would be an easy feature to add since it would basically be a full-fledged Practice game….EXCEPT you can’t tackle the QB (please add this animation!)

Also, wouldn’t you like to see the “special” scoring systems added to the Spring Games?  Here’s an example of the Oklahoma Sooners scoring system:

In the scoring system that has been devised both the offensive and defensive units will have the ability to score. The offense will receive one point for a first down, one point for a point after touchdown, two points for any play exceeding 30 yards, three points for a field goal and six points for a touchdown.

Here’s Florida State’s Spring Game scoring system:


Offensive Points:

+6 – Touchdown
+3 – Field Goal
+1 – Extra Point
+1 – Every first down
+2 – 4th down conversion

Defensive Points:

+6 – Score
+2 – Safety
+3 – Blocked field goal
+1 – Blocked extra point
+1 – Every 3rd down stop
+2 – 4th down stop
+3 – Turnover (fumble or interception)


Scrimmage (50 yard line) – no scoring

Long yardage scrimmage – no scoring

Tight zone scrimmage – no scoring

Goalline scrimmage – no scoring


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