Better pursuit angles in NCAA Football 10

In the latest Inside EA blog article, player pursuit angles were finally discussed.  It seems like the more that an issue is complained about online, the more apt the development team is to talk about that feature in the blog.  Without further delay, here’s the first video of NCAA Football 10:

One of my biggest issues with the video above is that at one point in the video, ALL of the defensive players turn around in pursuit of the running back.  This is not realistic at all and should be tweaked with the help of Procedural Awareness.  Not only should the linemen not pursue the running back the entire length of the field, but also the DB’s on the other side of the field should at least be delayed in noticing where the runner is at on the field.

EA has also improved “Twitch” pursuit angles:

I really like that this has been improved because it is a lot more realistic and will really prevent those BS running plays from happening.  If EA can fix the passing game on the middle of the field, the defense will be a lot stronger in NCAA Football 10.

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  1. I am an avid fan of just watching the game be played CPU VS CPU. With this being said, I hope that the camera angles will be given a major upgrade this year. The angles that the replays provide are wonderful. This should be how the entire game should be viewed. Not just behind the quarterback. Also in watching the game be played, it is about time that the game clock be more realistic. The accelerated clock is the closest thing to realism that I have seen in other games. I like to set my quarters to 15 minutes so that it simulates a real game. But if the accelerated clock is not enabled, there will be way to many plays. The last thing that I would like to see is more realism in the ground game. Some college teams can really chew up time because of a great running game, and I’m not just talking about big runs….but methodical 4-6 yards gains. The average halfback should average about 4-5 yards per carry. If these three things that I have spoken of are addressed, this will truly be the best football game ever. I hope the powers that be will address the topics and reply to my email to tell me if they will be addressed. Thank you.

    Tyrone Nation | Apr 6, 2009 | Reply

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