Confirmed! Sim-style gameplay in both NCAA Football 10 and Madden 10.

I’ll be completely honest…I stalk OMT over at  Why you ask?  For little tid bits of information like this:

“The gameplay improvements are shared between the two games. Madden writes a blog about all their gameplay changes, and then it is our turn. What, are we going to write the same blog? No.. we announce something else.

The NCAA specific gameplay features will be announced later. Most of what Ian is talking about in his blogs is gameplay stuff. Just like every year, most of it is shared but Madden gets some exclusives and NCAA gets some exclusives.”

So, NCAA fans, you can rest assured that we will see most, if not all of the improvements from the Madden engine in NCAA Football 10.  Here’s a list of the newer improvements:

FB Dive no longer as effective:

QB dropback changes:

The following were also improved:

  • Pass speed (No more “punt” passes)
  • Overall game speed is less “frantic” (Game speed is now an adjustable slider)
  • Player speed rating adjustments with a new “speed difference” slider

Check out the entire blog post from EA here.

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  1. I can’t wait to hear about the new features for the Ncaa 10 I hope they add some of the things that the fans have been asking for

    Corey | Mar 13, 2009 | Reply

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