EA announces new camera angles – Shows flaw in defense


One of my biggest issues with NCAA Football ’09 was the lack of camera angles & options.  For one, you could never see all of the receivers on the field.  Thus, if you played the CPU, he would magically find open receivers that weren’t even on the screen.  However, EA is incorporating what I call “fluid” or proxy cameras.  Essentially, depending upon where the QB is, the WR’s should always be on the screen.  Unfortunately, as you can see in the screen shot above, we STILL have defensive players that just sit around.  In a real football game, you would have at least two of those players (circled in red) approaching the QB or at least the line of scrimmage.  Hopefully, the community representatives will bring this up during the community event.

Finally, one of the more exciting features can be seen in the image below:  transparent passing icons.  While this is obviously skewed to prevent cheesing online, I think that the icons should flicker or dim even more when the defense is about to tackle the QB.  Also, as you can see in the link below, coverage is absolutely broken on this play.  Not only is the HB open, but also 2 receivers down field.

Overall, I like the new camera & I hope that they use it to show more action on the field during cut screens instead of fly-by’s of the stadium.

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