EA launches ncaafootball10.com – Announces 4 covers

While it’s no surprise that EA has already launched the product site, www.ncaafootball10.com, the biggest surprise is the fact that we will see 4 different cover athletes (1 for each platform).  Other than trying to stir interest for the website, is there a reason to have 4 different cover athletes?  As soon as the Photoshop cover template gets leaked to the forums, there will be 500+ covers available for download.   Personally, I don’t really see an advantage to covers anymore…We live in a world that is dominated by the internet and social marketing.  People don’t buy a game just for the cover…they buy it because they are either loyal to the franchise or heard that it got great ratings.  Another reason why covers were so important was due to competition…If both 2K and Sony were developing games, you would obviously want the best football player in the nation on your cover.  For example, if EA got Michael Crabtree, Sony got Pat White, and 2K got Mark Sanchez, then you could make a case for covers being important.

In  my personal opinion, I think that EA should have gone old-school with someone like Doug Flutie.

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  1. You should try and get the “crazy lady” dancing to the school fight song in between the 3rd and 4th quarter at utah home games, look it up on youtube. oh yeah, BYU does a haka, before their home games.

    A Utah man am I. | Apr 23, 2009 | Reply

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