Expect better presentation and more “little details” in NCAA Football 10

There are very few times when I read a blog article and I’m truly impressed.  I can usually find enough holes in an article to expand on what is being said.  However, the new blog article from Michael Young at EA is absolutely insane!  I won’t go into huge detail because I want you to read it for yourself.  Essentially, we will be getting great presentation like this:

Notice the lens blur on the image?  The two linemen are in focus and everything else is out of focus:  That’s the way it should be!

Finally, here’s a few details about some of the new enhancements to the game (not all confirmed for NCAA Football 10):

  • Secondary color equipment
  • Chain Gang on sidelines
  • 7 Refs on the field complete with collision animations (not in NCAA Football 10)
  • “Super Bowl” patches (Will we see BCS patches in NCAA Football?)

Overall, I think NCAA Football 10 is looking very impressive.  Let’s hope that they keep up the momentum since the game will be complete in about a month.

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  1. I love that they are adding these features still a little disappointed that they will have the refs on the field on the madden and not on NCAA but im still very excited about the game I also read on the wikipedia page that they fixed the facemasks on the revo and added the new shutts helmets give me some more cleats and diffrent sock colors and lengths and I think they did a hell of a job as far as the little things I also hope they adress the fact that when you win the NC you don’t get the bowl trophy that you played in you only get the NC trophy and I think yhey should add associated press trophy also.

    Corey | Mar 25, 2009 | Reply

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