Forget 2k, what if Sony made a college football game?

With all of the great press surrounding MLB ’09: The Show, one has to wonder what a football game from Sony would look like.  In fact, Sony is even calling it the most realistic baseball game ever.  Here’s a great commercial from Sony featuring Dustin Pedroia:

Before we take a look at what Sony could bring to the table, let’s a take a trip back in history.  Do you remember 989 studios?  If not, they were the creative team behind the Gamebreaker series.

Although 989 Studios started as a division under Sony, they quickly became just a “brand name.”  The last known game to be branded with the 989 Studios name was MLB ’06:  The Show.  The game was highly rated and reviewed by many prominent websites.  So, why did Sony stop making college football games?  On April 11, 2005, the NCAA and EA Sports signed a deal to grant EA Sports the sole rights to produce college football games for six years.  This essentially knocked both 2K and Sony out of the college football world.  While some people say that 2K Sports would be the correct studio to make another football game, one has to wonder about the financial undertaking for 2K Sports.  In fact, the last football game that 2K made, All-Pro Football 2k8, only sold about 120,000 copies on PS3.  For comparison purposes, NCAA Football 2009 on Wii shipped about the same number of copies….I don’t even have to explain what that means.

Regardless of whether 2K or Sony would even take a shot at making a college football game, there’s no doubt that presentation and gameplay is the key to a successful franchise.  While EA has the hold on gameplay, presentation has always been lackluster.  Here’s what Sony was able to do in MLB ’09:  The Show:

Here’s a few things that EA can take away from this game:

  • Jumbotron Movies (EA could put replays on the board, tell the crowd to say team-specific chants, and more)
  • Progressive Lighting (This was in 07…why not in 10?)
  • Player Conversations (This has always been missing from the game…I want to see the players talking trash to each other)

Now that we can see the amount of detail that Sony could add to a college football game, do you think that they would be interested in taking on EA?  Vote in the poll below.


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