Improved DB and WR interaction in NCAA Football 10

In the latest Inside EA Blog, several improvements were noted in WR / DB interactions including:

Route Running and Man Coverage – The route running of the WR’s is more accurate.  See the video below:

The reaction of DB’s in man coverage will be dynamic based upon ratings:

In NCAA Football 10, we will no longer see 99 Speed WR’s that outrun the coverage.  Why do you ask?  Jostling!

EA has also stated the following improvements:

  • Added support for slip & fall receiver cut moves in bad weather (chances of slipping come from route running ratings)
  • Re-factored all double moves to work correctly, including defensive cut moves that are companions to the WR cuts (chances of defender biting come from man coverage rating, play recognition rating, as well as boosts for correctly timed pump fakes)
  • Added all new start play WR animations with more realistic acceleration (should be visible in the videos above)
  • Added “pop” animations where say a LB will hit a WR as he comes across the middle through his zone

Finally, EA made several improvements to the DB / WR battle at the line:

  • Deleted all previous chuck animations, re-added all newly captured ones from scratch
  • Extended animation time drastically on chucks. Longer times not only mean smoother looking animations, but also more realistic reactions from WR’s (i.e. they can’t catch the ball while they are being chucked so you can’t fire the ball over to them immediately and expect them to catch it as they aren’t looking for the ball)
  • Removed all animation compression on chucks to increase visual fidelity.
  • Found and fixed an issue where the players wouldn’t align properly during the chuck animation which used to cause some weird clipping through each other
  • Fixed “suction” bug where press animations could start from like 5 yards away
  • Fixed a bug with zone / man chuck animations…in 09 the chucks for DB’s in zone coverage looked just like chucks in man coverage.
  • Re-factored the logic for win/loss on chucks based on the route the receiver wants to run. For example, if the WR wants to run inside (i.e. a post), and he “wins” the press, then he won’t just pick an animation that beats the press, he’ll pick one of many press beating animations that actually break inside. Likewise for defensive players…they’ll push the player inside if they “win” the press in like a Cover 2 situation.
  • Made it so chucks can now start from stand

So, what do you think of all of the improvements?  Drop me a comment!

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  1. These improvements sound good I hope it translate to better defensive moves by the DB some times the way the DB’s try to defend just looks wierd. especialy if you just try to knock the ball down

    Corey | Mar 9, 2009 | Reply

  2. i like the improvments let just see how it all plays out

    Victor | Mar 12, 2009 | Reply

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