Updates to Super Sim in NCAA Football 10

According to the latest Inside EA blog, there will be several improvements to the Super Sim mode in NCAA Football 10:

  • On-the-Field presentation:  This helps keep you “in the game” by drawing the simmed play bars directly on top of the field.  Once you are ready to go back into the game, the lines are erased and the players are thrown back onto the gridiron.
  • Updated CPU Clock Management:  We’ve been able to update our CPU Clock Management logic, which now causes our CPU coaches to call time outs when needed late in the half or game.  Also, the team that is up will attempt to burn out the clock by running the ball late in the game, or by having the QB kneel the ball (once their opponent has exhausted all three timeouts).
  • Skip Play in Campus Legend:  Everyone is already used to seeing Super Sim when their Legend is on the bench, but we have found another way to leverage this feature.  Skip Play is new to NCAA Football 10, and it does exactly what you think it should.  Tired of having to block on offense as a WR or HB?  No problem, hit Skip Play from the Legend Play Call screen, Super Sim will simulate that down and return you to the huddle the next play call.  And it’s all at the press of a button.

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