We need a “Create a Classic” mode


One of my biggest issues with NCAA Football 10 is the lack of user created content.  While it’s great that we can finally share rosters and share video via easportsworld.com, I’m still left with an empty feeling inside.  Remember when you could play historical matchups in the college football games?  It’s been a while and I think that EA should implement a “Create a Classic” mode.

Essentially, the “Create a Classic” mode will be a single save file that contains the following data:

1.  The home team (with customizable rosters)

2.  The away team (with customizable rosters)

3.  The current score of the game

4.  Time information (ie:  quarter and time left in the quarter)

5.  Drive information (who has the ball and what yard line the ball is one)

6.  Stadium and weather (what date is the game being played on, what stadium, what time, and what the weather is)

7.  Required final decision (which team should win the game?  what’s the goal of the game?  is it to score 24 points in the final quarter or keep Crabtree from scoring on the last play?)

Once the above information is set, you will have created a “Classic Matchup” that can be saved and shared via the EA Locker.  This feature will allow users to create classic matchups from 50 years ago or create a new classic that hasn’t even happened yet.  Personally, I would love the ability to be put into certain situations and see if I can overcome the odds.  What do you think?


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  1. Take it one step farther and have it so you can save classic games from your dynasties.

    Draxion | Mar 4, 2009 | Reply

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