Details on Teambuilder Revealed! recently got exclusive details on the new Teambuilder feature for NCAA Football 10. Highlights from the article include:

  • All team building will be created online via a website:
  • Users will download their created teams from the EA Locker
  • Hundreds of options for the uniforms
  • You can upload your own logos to be used for the uniform and fields
  • Pick an existing stadium, a generic one, or a high school field for your team
  • After picking a stadium, you can choose your field type:  grass, turn, blue (like Boise State), or multi.  Logos can be placed on the field and the endzones are customizable.
  • Finally, you will choose to use an existing roster or a generic one for your roster template.

Only 12 created teams can be saved on your console at a time.  This is obviously meant so that you can have 12 teams in an online dynasty.  For more information on Teambuilder, please see the IGN article:

Here’s a few videos that IGN just posted:

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  1. Well then, thanks for the information! :) TeamBuilder is a nice feature because it enables the users to be more creative by making/ producing personalized contents. :) I am really so excited about NCAA 10! What could be the toughest places to play? What could be the player ratings?! oooh… I am really excited! :)

    Peter | May 3, 2009 | Reply

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