Teambuilder will have an online aspect

In NCAA Football 10, Teambuilder will essentially be the Create a School feature that everyone has been wanting.  However, there will be an online aspect that will allow users to share created content.

Here’s the official statement from EA:

NCAA Football 10 introduces TeamBuilder, an all-new, online create-a-school feature that will enhance the user’s ability to produce personalized content. With the capability to upload logos and numerous customization options for uniforms, fields, rosters, and much more, TeamBuilder gives users the opportunity to design completely original teams with infinite possibilities. Plus, preloaded logos for several Football Championship Subdivision schools will help users create authentic teams for NCAA Football 10. With its intuitively designed online database that is searchable across several fields, TeamBuilder allows users to share content with ease. A football fan’s dream, TeamBuilder will enable users to experience the excitement and pageantry of college football, defined by their own personalized creations.

I’m really glad that EA has not only put in a CAS feature, but built upon it by adding the ability to share content.  As a piece of my “9 ways to add value to NCAA Football 10” article, user created content was number 5!  In fact, here’s what I said about created teams:

With the incredible success of games like Little Planet, the Sims, and others, there’s no reason why NCAA Football 2010 can’t include user created content.  Imagine sharing created teams with other users and creating a dynasty that is full of user-created teams with unique mascots and uniforms.  It would be awesome if EA used the Spore engine to allow the users to create awesome new mascots.

While it would be awesome if you could create your own mascots, I don’t expect to see that feature in Teambuilder.  In case you’re keeping score on my 9 ways to add value article, I have been able to confirm that 2 of my ways will be included this year.  Even if all of my suggestions don’t make it in the game, I’d be happy with just one more:  The ability to choose your post season type (including playoffs).

NOTE:  This feature will be implemented with Online Dynasty!  As soon as I get more info, I’ll pass it along!

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  1. What feature? Playoffs?!

    T.Boards | May 6, 2009 | Reply

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