Where’s the “hype machine”?

As someone that owns a website that is completely dedicated to NCAA Football, I have been underwhelmed by a majority of the information from the NCAA side.  While I don’t expect Madden and NCAA to be the “same game” by any stretch of the imagination, NCAA really doesn’t have a “go to guy” like Ian on the Madden side.  Yeah, there’s Raczilla…but let’s be honest, he’s a Madden guy.

It seems like the NCAA team has been trying too hard to “sell” the Season Showdown feature to us.  In fact, we went from an overview video on Season Showdown to a “Part 1 of 3″ video on the same subject.

I’m afraid that they put so much time and effort into Season Showdown, that they didn’t have time to fix much of the basic presentation and gameplay aspects that would make NCAA a great game.  Besides, after the college football season concludes, where does that leave us with Season Showdown?  It’s a feature that will quickly become obsolete at the end of the year.

Finally, why does the NCAA Team insist on giving us purely “marketing” blogs, while the Madden group is throwing together some insanely technical stuff?  Do they think that every NCAA fan goes out and buys Madden?  I don’t know about you, but the only Madden game that I bought was for the Wii (the first and only respectable football game on the Wii).  Personally, I want to see a blog that tells me EXACTLY which equipment items I can change with the new Teambuilder feature.  I want to see a blog that tells me EXACTLY how the atmosphere of the game will be improved.  Will the attendance dynamically change (probably not)?  Will the crowd sit still when the game is not exciting instead of acting like it’s the BCS Championship all of the game (probably not)?  Can we see some bowl-specific interactions like more camera guys lining the sidelines or even a different matchup screen (probably not)?

To me, it’s all of the “little things” that tell me how great the game will be.  Stop giving us marketing videos that are trying to make us feel better about another obsolete feature.

Dare I say “Mascot Mode = Season Showdown”?

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  1. Im with you 100%! I remember on the PS2 when you created a team, the fan turnout wasnt anything to cheer for until you started to win big games! The home field cheering was at a minimum until you build your dynasty by winning games! I saw someone post on here that there should be fans walking up and down the stadium aisles like how NBA 2k and Ncaa 2k shows, bring back the cut scenes with the coaches and add cut scenes with the players also! Thats what 2k is killing EA with, the little things thats involved with the atmosphere of the Ncaa game.

    T.Boards | Jun 1, 2009 | Reply

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