9 ways to make the BCS National Championship more exciting in NCAA Football 10

One of the downfalls of the NCAA Football franchise has been the absolute lack of presentation and environment.  Considering that these are the 2 most important things that separate College football from NFL Football, you would think that EA would have figured out the formula to create a truly immersive college football experience.  Unfortunately, I have to spend my time writing about 9 simple ways to make the bowl games and BCS National Championship more exciting:

1.  Play remixed music – While it’s great that we’ve been hearing the same music over and over, why can’t we get a remixed version of the theme song to play?  If we can’t get a remixed version of the theme song, why not play something like TI’s “Dead and Gone” during the halftime highlights…How dramatic would it be to see your team highlights over the chorus “I’ve been travelling down this road too long…trying to find my way back home…” ?

2.  Before the coin toss, show me the BCS rankings along with all of the associated stats.  In the last few years of college football, there has always been a controversy in regards to who is playing in the national title game.  Why not play up a little bit of drama before the game?  From a gamer’s perspective, I want to be pissed off that Corso is doubting why my #2 Oklahoma State Cowboys are playing in the title game.

3.  More camermen and others near the endzone…this is the BCS National Title Game…There oughta be tons of these guys

4.  More dynamic  volume control…crowd volumes should be LOUDER on big plays in this game than in any regular season games.

5.  Teams celebrate after the game instead of just walk off of the field.

6.  Winning coach gets Gatorade bath and shakes hands with the other coach in the middle of the field

7.  Team poses for pictures with the trophy

8.  Special half time shows for both bands.   EA already has the technology to make a band do just about anything…why not have the bands do something special for the half-time show?

9.  All graphics should be “BCS-fied”.  All of the injury reports, stat reports, and everything else should be jazzed up…including the score bar.


By including even just a few of the smaller recommendations, you can make the BCS game FEEL like a different experience for the gamer.  Make the BCS experience unique and different instead of just the same ol’ same ol.

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  1. Isn’t it a little late to making suggestions for NCAA Football 10?

    Kevin Cline | Jun 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. I totally agree, it is late BUT I believe better late than never. As a college football player myself, playing in a bowl game/rival game is an awesome experience. I feel like the 2009 really took a lot away from the actual feeling of playing in a game, yes i know there’s a difference from reality and video games, but games could be so much more advanced. Like having better celebrations especially after a last second win (fans storming the end-zone, or showing a student section), have better coverage of the game during the week of the game (having write-ups on teams, and players) crowd capacity should be louder (i agree w/ fballfreak) and National Title games should be a privilage to play in and see, and not like any other game you play during the season, it should also be an awesome gaming experience (again I know this is just a video game, but come on people) and finally showing more about the school’s football program. For instance, having actual pictures and videos of the school, its traditions, as well as local gathering places for pregame, as well as pre-game activities that the school you are playing as does. I have more suggestions, much better but these are just a few that I’m sure EA Sports has thought about, but I’m sure that it may be very difficult, expensive-wise, to do especially with how much EA Sports is allowed set their prices for games. I’m not trying to take anything away for actual game play, but just making it more interesting.

    Jon T. | Jul 1, 2009 | Reply

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