For the 2nd year in a row, NCAA Football 10 will launch with roster glitches

Remember last year’s debacle where people finished editing all of the teams only to realize that there was a glitch in the rosters that caused teams to disappear? If not, check out this post. As confirmed by many other sites like Pasta Padre, here’s what EA has said about the issue:

Hey guys… so we are aware of the issue with no (or few) freshmen on some teams in TeamBuilder and yes the same issues are found on the NCAA 10 disc. Over the past few days, one of our top priorities has been investigating solutions.

The TeamBuilder teams require some data on the disc to set Depth Charts for every team created before they can be used in a game. For example if you use the Cupcake roster as a starting point, NCAA 10 will give you a default Depth Chart for the Cupcakes for your TeamBuilder team (which you can edit in game). This means any changes we make could cause some problems with teams already created using TeamBuilder. So we need to ensure we are taking to proper steps to correct the issues.

We understand the concerns with how this can affect Dynasty mode and Online Games, so we are working hard to have a solution in place before launch on July 14th.

So, the question is now this:  Will EA actually be able to come up with a solution on launch day to deliver a patch?  Considering the patch must go through the review process of Microsoft and Sony, I don’t see how this is possible.  The NCAA development team has already been getting a lot of bad press from the forums for not being as innovative as the Madden team and this will only pour more salt in the wound.  For all of our sanity’s sake, we hope that EA can pull through and get the issue fixed.

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