PS3 demo of NCAA Football 10 has clock glitch

While playing the PS3 demo today, I noticed a big glitch in the clock when Florida was running the hurry up offense late in the game.  Only the play clock will run and the game clock just sits there.  This basically is like giving the offense a timeout without them having to take one.  Essentially, here’s how you replicate the issue:

1.  Run a play and get a first down

2.  Run the hurry up and get your players back to the line

For whatever reason, only the play clock continues.  It seems like the developers forgot to put in the code that starts the clock after the ball has been set.

(note: To all of the people that have been putting comments about the chain gang, I am aware that the clock should stock momentarily. However, in this glitch, the clock stops completely. You can run the play clock down to 1 and the game clock will never start.)

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  1. Same thing just happened to me in the XBOX 360 demo version. Hopefully this will be resolved as it is a major gameplay issue IMO.

    J.D. | Jun 21, 2009 | Reply

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