The most wanted feature by the community is custom playbooks?

According to the NCAA Football Community Wish List Tournament over at, custom playbooks has defeated correct option blocking as the most wanted feature in NCAA Football ’11.  Unfortunately, the feature is not nearly as complex as what you would expect from a custom playbooks feature.  In fact, when I think of custom playbooks, I think of the ability to create plays and add them to your playbook.  However, the description over at the tournament is far less appealing:

Many NCAA Football gamers spend days (if not weeks) trying to find the perfect playbook – one with the right mix of plays and formations they feel comfortable with. However, many end up disappointed – only finding a playbook that contains a portion of what they want. With Custom Playbooks (a feature in last-gen NCAA Football), users could pick a set number of formations and plays to use in a custom playbook linked to their profile.

Personally, I would love to see a Playbuilder feature that is online and similar to what we already have with Teambuilder.  Could you imagine spending 3 weeks building your perfect playbook before the release of NCAA Football ’11?  I think that a Playbuilder feature would be much more appealing to the typical consumer than the Teambuilder one.  While Teambuilder was a huge step for getting teams in the game that you don’t normally see, the biggest downside was that you could only replace 12 teams.  Also, you couldn’t replace the “FCS” teams that have cursed the game since it has moved over to the “next-gen.”  Hopefully, if there was a Playbuilder feature, you wouldn’t be limited to only replacing a set amount of plays.  Rather, you should be able to create playbooks that can be applied to every single team in the game.

So, what do you think should be the most wanted feature?  Sound off in the comments.

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