releases first look at NCAA Football 11

Only months before the expected release of NCAA Football 11, we finally have some information on what will be included. Most of the changes are features that should have been included in previous versions that they are finally addressing. Here’s the short list:

  1. Referees
  2. Gang Tackles
  3. Auto save
  4. Autoloading of rosters from one mode to the next
  5. Formation subs
  6. New equipment including the “Revolution Speed Helmet”, knees braces, and more
  7. Bowls are a single week in online dynasty
  8. Dynamic conference logos
  9. Numbers on helmets

There’s nothing too big here to get excited about. However,I’m impressed that they’re finally addressing some of the most wanted features.  This could be the year that NCAA Football 11 becomes the true “next-gen” game that we have all expected.

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