NCAA Football 11 – Demo Impressions

The demo for NCAA Football 11 came out earlier this week and the consensus is that this is the best entry in the franchise.  The “hurry up offense” implementation has been getting some great feedback in the various online forums.  Without getting into too many details, here are my pro’s and con’s from the demo:


Implementation of the offenses
ESPN integration
Pregame entrances
Formation subs
No more Lee Corso
Presentation-style replays


720P resolution
Too many fumbles
In some plays, the defensive line doesn’t rush at all and the QB has 30 seconds to pass
Ability to celebrate with the mascot (still unrealistic and pointless)
Not enough stats (doesn’t feel like a real ESPN broadcast)

While the demo itself plays very well, I still don’t feel immersed into the college football atmosphere.  The development team at EA is relying too much on the consumer to make the emotional connection with the game (the ability to write your own Dynasty stories).  While running the hurry-up offense, I would like to see an upclose view of the QB looking at the coach.  I then want to see the QB looking down at the playbook on his list and then directing his team like a general.  Alternatively, I would like to see some “side-views” of the entire team looking at the sidelines and looking at the playchart that some teams use.

Don’t get me wrong…the game plays great and this feels like the first entry in the NCAA Football series in which I don’t feel like I’m being robbed of $60.  I just hope that my impression of the game doesn’t derail once I get my hands on the full version.

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