NCAA Football 11 HD for iPhone 4


Out of nowhere, EA has released “NCAA Football HD” for iPhone 4.  Here’s a description of the game:

FASTER. BETTER. BRIGHTER. DESIGNED JUST FOR iPHONE 4! Get the pure passion and true intensity of real college football along with the stunning visual impact of the Retina Display. Represent your school and lead them to glory in the BCS National Championship. With rules and plays reflecting the real NCAA Division 1 experience, play the game the way it’s meant to be played – now in amazing HD! Read the rest »

iPhone Wallpapers for NCAA Football Teams Now Available! – iOS 4

In honor of iOS 4 being released today, I have republished this blog article on finding some great iPhone wallpapers.  To check it out, go to’s website at

There’s currently over 65 schools available for download.  To download an image directly from within your iPhone, simply hold your finger on a picture for a few seconds. A toolbar will pop up from the bottom and give you the option to save it to your camera roll.  Then, while on the iPhone dashboard, select “Photos”, then “Camera Roll”, click the image you want as your wallpaper, and then click the lower left icon (the square with a “forward-like” arrow), and select “Use As Wallpaper”.

EA announces bug fixes from demo will be in retail package

On Friday, EA announced several bug fixes that were mentioned in my previous blog post for NCAA Football ’11.  The bug fixes include:

  • On Xbox 360, the Reese’s Perfect Play of the Game will not always be the final play. As some of you have already speculated, we temporarily save off highlights to the hard drive during the game so you can view them later, however this is not something we are able to do in the demo.
  • The CPU team will now decline penalties. Read the rest »

NCAA Football 11 – Demo Impressions

The demo for NCAA Football 11 came out earlier this week and the consensus is that this is the best entry in the franchise.  The “hurry up offense” implementation has been getting some great feedback in the various online forums.  Without getting into too many details, here are my pro’s and con’s from the demo:


Implementation of the offenses
ESPN integration
Pregame entrances
Formation subs
No more Lee Corso
Presentation-style replays


720P resolution
Too many fumbles
In some plays, the defensive line doesn’t rush at all and the QB has 30 seconds to pass
Ability to celebrate with the mascot (still unrealistic and pointless)
Not enough stats (doesn’t feel like a real ESPN broadcast)

Read the rest »