NCAA Football 11 – Known features so far (Updated 5/5)

NCAA Football ’11 is quickly poising itself to be the best entry that we’ve seen in the series so far. Here’s a quick looking at what you can expect for this year’s release:

Better lighting:

Better lighting

Improved blocking:
120 Ways to Win:  

ESPN Integration: ESPN Integration
Team-specific entrances:  

Other known features:

Additional mascots
Post-play interaction between players (trash talking and sportsmanship)
Fans celebrating after a big play
Formation subs

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Pre-Order NCAA Football 11 for $39.95 – PS3 or 360

While shopping for a laptop online, I saw a coupon code specified for the Wii version of Madden 11. However, when I tested the same coupon code on NCAA Football 11, I was surprised to see that it worked. Here’s the coupon code:


To pre-order the game, go to EA’s store via this link. I do not know how long this offer will last. releases first look at NCAA Football 11

Only months before the expected release of NCAA Football 11, we finally have some information on what will be included. Most of the changes are features that should have been included in previous versions that they are finally addressing. Here’s the short list:

  1. Referees
  2. Gang Tackles
  3. Auto save
  4. Autoloading of rosters from one mode to the next
  5. Formation subs
  6. New equipment including the “Revolution Speed Helmet”, knees braces, and more
  7. Bowls are a single week in online dynasty
  8. Dynamic conference logos
  9. Numbers on helmets

There’s nothing too big here to get excited about. However,I’m impressed that they’re finally addressing some of the most wanted features.  This could be the year that NCAA Football 11 becomes the true “next-gen” game that we have all expected.

NCAA Football series in jeopardy due to pending lawsuit

Here in the NCAA Football community, we’ve seen our fair share of lawsuits from has-been players trying to make a buck off of EA and the NCAA.  However, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a case get as much press as the one below:

Being that EA’s exclusive license will run out sometime during 2010, it’s hard to say what will happen to the game.  Sales have been down over the past few years despite a better gaming experience.  Will EA start shipping games with base rosters and ask the community to make updates to the rosters / ratings?  Please voice your opinion in the comments.